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MORE Snazzay-cious Snags
The Beautiful Letdown
Learning To Breathe
New Way To Be Human
The Legend Of Chin
Even Snazzier Snags

God Only Knows

  • An MP3 of the Beach Boy's cover Switchfoot performed for the "Stripped" online performance.

Happy Is A Yuppie Word - Live @ AOL

  • An MP3 that dates back to maybe a year ago...but its still an amazing live version of Happy Is A Yuppie Word. It only differs from the current version of the song in very minor ways. This file is available for upload on, simply go to the page linked and select "begin upload" in the top right corner of the page. If you have any trouble please send me a message via the form on the main Snagacious Snags page (see link left), I'd be happy to help you right away.

The Feet At Their Best - An Interview

  • Appearing thanks to Pam! (switchfootluvr63)

The Ultimate SFy Media Cache

  • The number one place to find cool videos and performances of Switchfoot is simply the official boards's "media, videos, etc" post-board under the "Switchfoot Web Ring" section. Find...everything. haha!!

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We're Awakening

"We're Awakening" is a live performance of a song not yet released, but recorded only this past March, which will most likely be included in most sets this spring tour.